You are viewing documentation for a feature that is currently under incubation. This means that the feature is not yet fully supported and may change or be removed in future versions. This documentation is provided for early adopters and testers. Features under incubation should not be used in production environments.

Ardoq OID

The Ardoq OID is a unique identifier (for example "63358ba552e1f10001b09027") present on every component and reference in Ardoq. It is a unique string that is generated by Ardoq when an entity is created. The OID is immutable and will never change for the lifetime of the entity. The OID can always be used to identify components and references that exist in Ardoq.

For example, if you want to create a reference between two components, you can use the OID of the source and target components to create the reference.

  "references": {
    "create": [
        "body": {
          "source": "63358ba552e1f10001b09027",
          "target": "31776d0c8989a831776d0c8s",
          "type": 2


While the Ardoq OID is a reliable way to identify entities, it is not always the most convenient. For example, if you are creating a new reference and want to set the source and target to be an existing components, you would need to know the OID of each component. If these components are uniquely identifiable by a custom field or name, it can be more convenient to use an Alias.