You are viewing documentation for a feature that is currently under incubation. This means that the feature is not yet fully supported and may change or be removed in future versions. This documentation is provided for early adopters and testers. Features under incubation should not be used in production environments.


The Batch API is the recommended way to work with components and references in Ardoq.


You can view the OpenAPI/Swagger schema for the Incubating Batch API here.

The Batch API is efficient due to the ability to combine multiple create, update, upsert (update an existing entity or create a new one) and delete operations on both components and references into a single request.

The Batch API is flexible due to the ability to use a combination of Batch Ids and Aliases rather than needing to know the Ardoq OIDs of components and references. This makes it possible to create and modify complex structures in Ardoq with a single request.

All batch operations are executed within a transaction. If any of the operations fail then the whole request will fail leaving the state of Ardoq unmodified.