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Pagination is the process of splitting a large result set into smaller chunks. For consistency, the Ardoq API uses the same pagination mechanism for any resource that may return a large result set.

Paginated resources

The following resources may return paginated responses:

Paginated responses

A paginated response is a JSON object that has the following keys values, _links and _meta. These keys are always present.


An array containing the results. The type of each item in the array depends on the resource being listed. For example, when listing components, each item in the will be a "component". When running a report each item will be a "row" in the report. To see the type of each item, see the documentation for the resource you are listing.

If the values array does not contain all of the results, an opaque url will be present under This url can be used to retrieve the next "page" of results. The request should be made with the same headers and authentication as the original request. In order to retrieve all of the results, you should follow the link until you receive a response that does not contain a key.


The _meta object contains metadata about the response. The content of this object varies depending on the resource being listed. For example, when running a report the _meta object contains information about the columns.